A Holistic Approach to Healing

The field of chiropractic, the 3rd largest profession in the world, has undergone a paradigm shift recently. Where before the focus was solely on adjusting the spine, this new and small breed of forward-thinking chiropractors, that I am proud to belong to after 35 years of practicing chiropractic, now also apply brain and neuroscience. This enlarged focus on the neurology of the brain, neurosciences, neurophysiology and neuroplasticity appreciate the hierarchy of the power of a healthy brain, healthy neuroplasticity, and healthy neurological ‘TONE.’ We address how the brain communicates to the body and vice versa.

My approach to healing the complex human body is by treating the whole person – the whole spectrum of the individual. I do this through a multi-modal combination of careful reflection, comprehensive exploration, examination, and diagnosis to renew your body’s neuroanatomy, spinal structure and neurophysiology. I restore your feeling of living in health and well-being by correcting the underlying cause of chronic pain, disease and other physical and mental imbalances without any side effects.

When applied this way, this new chiropractic philosophy is like magic for many of my clients – from athletes, to people with chronic pain, to general family chiropractic care.

My goal is to assist the opening of your body’s own natural healing power, thereby renewing your body’s nervous system communication / innate intelligence to restore health and wellness.

We apply what has been known since Hippocrates more than 2000 years ago: VIS MEDICATRIX NATURAL, which means the body’s ability to heal itself without drugs or surgery.

I welcome you to a warm, inviting and healing environment. I offer my patients a different approach that includes a slow treatment pace, which allows me to spend more quality time with each of you.

Bio highlights

  • Established chiropractic practice 1983 to current.
  • Graduate of Logan Chiropractic College, St. Louis, MO.
  • Studied Traditional Finnish Sports Massage in Finland.
  • Trained in Myofascial Trigger Point Release Therapy.
  • Trained in the field of epigenetics, brain- and neuroscience.
  • Treated professional athletes in ballet, NCAA, baseball, football and basketball, from children to professionals and gold medalists.
  • Owner of the official US trademark to the title “Clean Sport” since 2010.
  • Functional nutritionist.
  • Former president of Genesa Living Foundation.
  • Produced a documentary on healthy eating and organic food in the school systems: Through The Lunchroom Door.
  • Founder and CEO of Genesa Inc.
  • Member of ChiroHealthUSA.
  • Authored Recharge Your Body and Mind with the Amazing Amino Acids.